Technology Media And Entertainment Law Firm In Egypt

The global economic downturn and recovery, political uncertainties around the world, fluctuations in global stock prices and rising price of commodities have each resulted in diverse commercial legal issues within the ever-growing media industry.

Our attorneys maintain a close track of these events through our dealings with media professionals. We take the necessary steps to protecting the business interests of our clients and other media participants.

Our specialized team of intellectual property professionals advise on local and international intellectual property laws and our practice covers the broadcasting industry, the music industry and the social media industry, as well as satellite TV networks.

We employ the necessary sophisticated software, document management systems, and requisite infrastructure to develop and maintain the intellectual property portfolio of each client. Other areas in which we adviseare:

  • copyright law
  • digital rights
  • entertainment law
  • film Production and publishing
  • intellectual property rights
  • internet law
  • media contracts
  • media disputes
  • music copyright
  • publishing agreements and
  • performing rights