Litigation Practice – Criminal Laywers in Egypt

In a typically high-value and complex litigation matter, a law firm’s capability to oversee, review and persuasively present accurate and precise information is critically relevant and essential. Our broad experience in litigation permits us to provide high quality and comprehensive advice on practically every issue that can arise from civil or criminal law matters.

MS lawyers Litigation Practice Group represents enterprises of all sizes, and our team of senior attorneys and partners have significant expertise and capability in handling litigation matters in the region. We have achieved extraordinary results in wide range of complex matters before courts in Egypt, Prosecution, tribunals and before domestic and international arbitration bodies.

Strategically Effective Litigation Services

Our attorneys can provide legal and strategic advice on all forms of commercial and business litigation across Egypt in matters involving disputes arising out of contracts, breach of trust, criminal law issues and civil claims. We also handle construction and real estate disputes, distressed debts, intellectual property infringement and brand enforcement, shareholder disputes, trade practices, agency law, franchise litigation, medical negligence, and contract disputes.
The Litigation Practice Group has been widely acknowledged for handling some of the most complex lawsuits and employs sophisticated state-of-art management systems to ensure that client data and information is retained and used most securely.

Our approach to litigation does not always involve an adversarial direction, and whenever possible, we advise a pragmatic stance that will likely attain the most desired outcome. We assist national and multinational corporations with resolving their business disputes while ensuring that their rights are always fully protected.

Advertising and Media Litigation

MS lawyers has one of the country’s premier advertising litigation practices. Our clients including industry leaders in the field of advertising, media, information technology, semiconductor, biotechnology, nanotechnology and medical device industries. Clients turn to us for our significant experience in handling most critical disputes. MS lawyers specialized team dedicatedly handle advertising litigation, regulatory and compliance inquiries.
Our law firm had extraordinary success litigating and trying advertising suits on behalf of our clients. We have assisted clients on matters involving media and broadcasting issues, reviewed proposed advertising schemes, consumer surveys, compliance with local authorities and evaluating clinical protocols, and analyses of competitor advertisements.

Domestic and International Arbitration Practice

In today’s global economy, disputes are borderless. Businesses look out for counsels who have set high standards in the legal profession, are experienced and have proven capability to act for and represent their matters. MS lawyers team of lawyers across the Middle East, Asia and Europe guide companies in mitigating or resolving disputes. We cover every spectrum of industry ranging from commercial matters, joint ventures, oil and gas, construction disputes, banking and finance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, media, and technology companies.

From Prevention to Enforcement and Further

  • We have the necessary expertise and acumen to competently understand the commercial and legal aspects of our clients’ business thereby providing adequate support and assistance to them. We draft effective dispute resolution clauses by choosing appropriate dispute resolution forum and rules and adopt right strategies that protect their rights both – domestically as well as internationally.
  • Where permissible, we explore a range of innovative dispute resolution methods to avoid any delays, such as reconciliation, early settlement or mediation.
  • Our team of criminal lawyers in Egypt have diverse experience and knowledge of enforcing and executing arbitral awards (including post enforcement formalities) under a myriad of international and domestic regulations.
  • Our attorneys well understand the playing field in dispute resolution and are engaged on a day-to-day basis in practically all aspects of arbitration and dispute resolution.
  • Our international arbitration practice and team draw upon the global resources of MS lawyers Law Firm. We have a successful track record of taking cases to trial and final awards in major international arbitration venues including Singapore, Paris, London, and Geneva.

Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Insolvency, and Restructuring

On 19 February 2018, a new law no. 11/2018 was issued regulating the restructuring, preventive reconciliation and bankruptcy in Egypt (the” Bankruptcy Law“). The law entered into force as of 22 March 2018.

The law introduces for the first time an out-of-court restructuring system which helps troubled companies reorganize their business. In the meant time, courts are given the authority to enforce a restructuring plan if a consensual solution is not reached. Also a new court supervised mediation system is introduced.

Bankruptcy procedures and preventive reconciliation was previously regulated under Chapter 5 of the Egyptian Commercial Law No. 17 of 1999. This chapter is now abrogated and replaced by the Bankruptcy Law.

The Bankruptcy Law is a new tool aiming at boosting the current Egyptian economic status. It complements the newly issued Investment Law in enhancing sustainable economic development and provide safety valve for financial failures. The law enhances a new culture of creditor cooperation in debt restructuring to avoid the closure of business as well as promotes distribution and use of assets of failing business more efficiently and equitably. The law is expected to make loan workouts more flexible and give a leap to Egypt’s ranking in the World Bank’s Resolving Insolvency Index in the “Doing Business” report.

Transactional Structuring

MS lawyers team of lawyers have the capability and experience in structuring and devising asset acquisitions, securitization, and other complex transactions to minimize risks related to bankruptcy.

Corporate Structuring

Corporate fall-outs can occur for a multitude of reasons ranging from excess leverage in particular sector, technological advancements, and changes, fragile capital structure, mismanagement, and fraud. Our Restructuring and Bankruptcy lawyers in Alexandria and across Egypt advise on all types of corporate restructurings, across practically every industry, including aviation, automotive, banking, consumer goods, construction and real estate, energy, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, media, and shipping.

Construction Litigation

Construction projects are organic breeding fields for contentious disputes, and a party or parties often set a tone for possible litigation in any given undertaking. These conflicts can occur at any stage of the construction process, from the commencement of the project to after project completion. Construction litigation can be challenging, technical and at times complicated. We represent and act for owners, contractors, subcontractors, project managers, surveyors, material suppliers, architects and engineering firms, and other professionals. Our team carefully reviews each matter and advises the most appropriate action. Based on our understanding of matter, we know when to negotiate a claim and strategize for possible settlement. We also act timely and advise clients when to enter arbitration or litigation so as to protect their interests.
Our lawyers have substantial experience in full range of construction litigation and design claims, and we provide necessary guidance and advice through all phases of the development process, and these include:-
– Corporate structuring (including shareholding structures), joint ventures and public-private partnership (P3) contracts
– construction procurement and financing
– investor negotiations
– development planning and zoning
– drafting the preliminary set of contracts, counsel and negotiating
– advice and guidance on setting up escrow accounts
– tendering and bonding
Contract Administration:-
– Delay claims, defective engineering and construction defect claims
– contract interpretation and related advisory
– risk management
– contract enforcement
– guidance on strata law, homeowners association and defining common areas
During and post Construction:-
– Claims resulting from Variation
– Bid and tender disputes
– Design defects and negligent performance
– cost overruns and changes identified within the scope of work
– construction delays, defective engineering, and construction defect claims
– Deficiencies and warranty claims
– matters involving construction frauds
– bid disputes and procurements and supply chain matters
– manufacturer or supplier liability, owner liability, contractor liability and product liability claims
– inadequate inspection and denial of site access
– suspension of work
– construction or supplier’s lien, mortgage priorities
– subcontractor claims
– mediation and arbitration
– court litigation

Consumer Protection and Litigation

The rise in globalization and increase in the number of competitors in the markets has made commerce all about ‘quantity’ rather than ‘quality.’ In this regard, our Commercial Lawyers in Egypt have identified this issue in various consumer disputes. We have successfully represented numerous consumers and corporates in international consumer redressal forums and domestic courts. Our Lawyers have substantial experience in the procedural aspects and advantages of addressing customer-supplier issues in litigation.
Our team is also familiar with the dedicated redressal forums of individual departments and the general consumer redressal forum at the Department of Economic Development. We assist, act for, and represent both – consumers and multi-national brands. Our lawyers have the most current legal update on matters, and when advising clients on regulatory aspects, we ensure adherence to compliance policies and regulatory procedures correctly applied. We have also successfully represented a broad range of clients in several out of court settlements.

Criminal Law Experts

At MS lawyers we handle diverse litigation matters, a number of these are international in scope. Our litigation practice group is widely acknowledged for managing some of the most complex lawsuits with multiple parties and tens of thousands of documents. Our criminal lawyers have considerable expertise and experience in working with the Prosecutor’s office, the court-appointed experts, as well as investigating authorities.  Our team assists clients suspected of serious crimes or those arrested post investigation, claims involving medical negligence, matters involving drug abuse and drug offenses, extradition law, the internet and cyber crimes, frauds, forgery, assault, and criminal appeals. Our advocates are tech-savvy, multilingual, and have years of experience in representing clients before prosecution, police, and criminal courts.
MS lawyers team of criminal lawyers represent clients before courts of all levels. We have represented clients before foreign domestic tribunals, International Police Organization (Interpol) and several domestic as well as cross-border intelligence agencies. Our lawyers have proven expertise in both, civil and common law jurisdictions on matters involving cross-border transactions and international law.

Distressed Debts

Besides our mainstream bankruptcy practice, our team acts for and represents secured and unsecured creditors, debtors, equity holders, suppliers, and trustees.
Clients often engage MS lawyers team as their “settlement experts” for claims where existing representatives and consultants have not managed to extract them from cumbersome, expensive and complex arbitration/litigation. At MS lawyers we consider settlement options with a distinctive approach. We explore settlement avenues after carefully reviewing and understanding each party’s position, nature of claims involved, upon ascertaining nature of the breach and determine the strategy in the best interest of our clients.
We pay careful attention to each matter and then advise on steps that may help distressed clients recover their outstanding dues. We assist clients in debt collection. We have a specialized team that reviews each matter carefully before advising clients on possibilities and alternatives available.

Government Affairs

Our litigation practice extends beyond private entities and Fortune 200 companies. Our team has an outstanding track-record of assisting governmental entities in regulatory affairs and government transactions. Our lawyers advise on a broad range of matters covering competition law, customs issues, immigration, filing complaints to governmental authorities and the like. We aim to simplify the technicalities and complexities surrounding government affairs to mitigate and terminate undue delay and arbitrary rulings. Our attorneys also assist clients (both, corporate and governmental entities) in drafting necessary documents and surpassing regulatory aspects of public-private partnerships within Egypt and overseas.

Insurance Litigation and Arbitration

The technicalities and ambiguities within the insurance sector can lead to lawsuits against and on behalf of insurers. MS lawyers international team of litigation and arbitration lawyers advises cedents, domestic and international insurance companies, reinsurers and professional service providers on a range of insurance, professional risk matters, and regulatory and reinsurance matters. We allocate significant time consulting with insurers before considering or advising on litigation. We advise on Financial Institutions and Directors and Office Liability issues, professional liability, and product liability, commercial risk insurance, and property insurance matters. Our practice also encompasses the following:-
– Broker Liability
– Insurer insolvency
– contentious shareholder disagreements and disputes
– disciplinary matters
– representing subrogated claims
– representation in arbitration and litigation matters
– negotiating settlements.

Intellectual Property Litigation & Arbitration

MS lawyers Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers serve world’s leading electronics, technology, pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods companies on all types of IP litigation matters including:
 – patents and patent infringements,
 – anti-counterfeiting and customs seizures,
 – trademark and trademark violations,
 – brand enforcement,
 – trade secret violations,
 – copyright infringements,
 – false and misleading advertising,
 – cybersquatting and domain name violations,
 – licensing and licensing negotiations,
 – media litigation,
 – global enforcement campaign,
 – IP infringements in multiple jurisdictions, and
 – arbitration

Labor and Employment Litigation

MS lawyers Employment Litigation Practice Group is a dedicated, full practice team. Our Lawyers provide bespoke solutions and advice to employers, board and board committees, directors and management executives with sound, timely and result-oriented advice regarding their complex and technical matters, regardless of whether they arise at the workplace, in the boardroom, courts, or outside.
Our senior lawyers in Alexandria and across Egypt counsel companies, management committees, top level management on sensitive internal investigations, internal employment audits, compensation arrangements, stock options, and compensation related arrangements. Our litigation team defends our clients vigorously in the courts. We offer policy development, litigation defense, employer-employee relations, management training besides advising on other key areas.
MS lawyers employment team works actively alongside its intellectual property team and litigation team. We handle matters pertaining to drafting employee agreements, employee manual, advising on unfair trade practices, misappropriation of trade secrets, leave and gratuity issues, conflict of interest matters, non-disclosure, and no-compete contracts, and devising a sound stock options program.