Media, Technology And Entertainment Lawyers In Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE


Business and technology are always evolving and our lawyers have a full spectrum of knowledge in media, broadcasting, films, and entertainment, as well as information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, advertising, marketing and the privacy industry. We deal with all aspects of the technology, media, and entertainment industry. Our services range from drafting commercial agreements including maintenance agreements, intellectual property including trademarks, design, and copyright, outsourcing and software licensing. Our Technology practice assists providers and users of technology and technology products as well as services with a broad array of commercial and legal matters including:-

  • Content licensing
  • Distribution and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) transactions
  • Venture capital and private equity financing
  • Technology transfer and licensing (including know-how licensing)
  • Software shrink wrap and click through agreements
  • agreements for inbound and outbound licenses
  • Patent licensing, cloud-based platforms licensing and data services
  • e-commerce


We take into consideration, the commercial and technical legal aspects involved in the functioning and operation of the media industry.

Our entertainment lawyers focus on ensuring that our client’s needs are met and their interests are protected. We have a thorough grasp of the commercial and legal issues surrounding the media and entertainment industry and we provide practical advice to our clients on all matters relating to creative arts such as music, dance, films, theater, mobile content, digital technology, the Internet, and television.


Our lawyers have the expert knowledge required to give advice to our clients within this sector on a vast range of legal issues, including commercial matters, transactional work, corporate issues, intellectual property and dispute resolutions. Our clients come from different sectors including telecommunications, software, e-commerce and media companies. 

MS lawyers has represented motion picture studios, independent producers, film distributors, media houses, and sport and entertainment industries. Our TMT team has advised and assisted clients from the earliest stage of development through corporate structuring, financing, management of intellectual property, production and rights acquisition, live events, broadcasting rights, and production and distribution.

Our experience and expertise cover all broad aspects of entertainment and media law, including:-

  • Advertising,
  • promotions and branded entertainment;
  • financing,
  • production,
  • distribution and licensing in all aspects of media industry;
  • joint-ventures,
  • mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances;
  • pre-publication and pre-broadcast reviews;
  • matters involving compliance,
  • government regulations and laws pertaining media content;
  • talent agreements,
  • agent contracts and digital content distribution (including infomercial transactions);
  • purchase and development option agreements and finders fee arrangements;
  • producer agreements,
  • film financing and co-production;
  • demand letters and cease and desist notices;
  • and litigation and dispute resolution